Gerbil Knits

This is how I spend my free time.....knitting, knitting and more knitting. I learned how to knit during the 2004 NCAA basketball tournament, and is still my favorite time for mass knitting!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Brokeback mountain pillows

So I made a set of these for my RA danny and one for my friend brady.....

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

current wip

Current projects:

cowboy pillows (completed, Danny loved them...will post pic soon)
Linda's b-day present, almost more piece to go...haha not telling you what it is muffin
soaps: well you can never have enough soaps
scrubs: awaiting arrival of one more product and must think of packaging
bathbombs: awaiting one more product....why can't i find witch hazel in CA?
swap for _chittybangbang: got to get to store and buy some materials
swap for catpants: one half down, got to get to store
kyra's b-day: 1 part down, many more to go, why did she want all of those damn socks...i hate knitting socks....this is why I only knit ankle socks...b/c i am lazy
andrew's b-day: one more part--no i am not telling you what it is, b/c he might read it
Christmas crafting: well...let's not even talk about that, but I might have to take a break from swapping when my current two are done b/c I need to focus on the holidays.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

sleepy kitten

This is one of the only times during the day I can craft without Tiger interference.....when she is a sweet sleepy kitten.

First Swap package

So, I sent my coffee, coffee, coffee swap package to my partner devilninny. Based on her comments on craftster she seems to really like them!

Tahu's bag

To celebrate Tahu's dissertation defense I made her this little bag. The inside has this cute shoe fabric!

lisa's birthday presents

So for Lisa's birthday I made her a fantastic bag, that she apparently loves, and has received many compliments on. Plus, a little birdie, that I named gaspard.....

Sock Monkey

So for my mom's birthday I made a sock monkey made of monkey socks. I think he is fabulous. I think he eventually got a bow....But he likes to play in the jungle known as my plants!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Momo's new home

So my friend Lynny send me a picture of momo in his new home so I thought I would put it up...apparently he is friends with a fraggle

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Button Bracelet

I saw these on Cat Morely' site, and I couldn't here is the first of the button bracelets....

Tiger's fish toy

So I felt Tiger needed a new i made her a felt fish with a little catnip inside for good measure....b/c nothing is as much fun as a stoned cat....but here are a few pictures of her playing with it.

Lisa's bag

So we found this fabric at Eddie's Quilting Bee...Also home to the broke back mountain fabric...soon to be displayed here. So we made Lisa a bag...she cut and I sewed...

Saturday, October 07, 2006

praise of a hat

so I made my mom a green bucket hat this past spring. somehow it didn't make it one the blog, but she sent me an email the today letting me know how much she appreciates and likes it...

" Well it is a bit chilly and the lovely green hat you knit me is perfect for this weather


Love mom"

So nice to be are welcome mom