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This is how I spend my free time.....knitting, knitting and more knitting. I learned how to knit during the 2004 NCAA basketball tournament, and is still my favorite time for mass knitting!

Thursday, August 31, 2006

A Busy Craft Update

Sometimes, I get distracted and don't get my posts up here.....

so here are some projects i recently finished or am in the middle of...

So, starting at the upper left and going clockwise....we have.....some lovely wine charms......, marcel the bunny finger puppet...who know belongs to little anna heron. A scarf that was gifted to my friend linda, she has had a rough summer.....and finally....a sock in progress for me....I almost never make things for me.....

What is up next you may ask.....a needle roll for all of my knitting needles, the other sock, and some surprise birthday/holiday crafts....oh it will be awesome!


Blogger showurscars said...

awww, it's my scarf! yay! thanks muffin! xoxo

8:50 AM  

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